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Why Volunteer? | Desert Dosens | Knowledge Is Power


Volunteering has been found to create lots of benefits. Aside from the fact that volunteering helps wherever you are volunteering at, it also helps you! Volunteers make up the majority of support for nonprofits. There can never be too many volunteers in a community.

  1. When you are a volunteer you can expect to feel more fulfilled and satisfied in your daily life. When you are a part of something bigger than yourself it does help with mental wellness. When you support people who may be less fortunate than you, it can also bring into perspective what you really do have. When you support people who may be dealing with similar issues as you, it might help you learn ways to overcome your own situation. There are many benefits that you might not even see such as prolonged mindset changes or changing habits and routines. Volunteering can counteract the symptoms of stress, anxiety, anger, addictions and depression. So no matter what you experience on the daily, you can get a sort of reprieve when you are able to volunteer.
  2. Volunteering can help you in your career and job. Often, jobs want people with experience and sometimes it can be tricky to get that. When you volunteer you are able to learn skills that can be listed on your resume. You may also meet future employers because volunteering can put you in a location you might not otherwise have been. It also shows employers that you are “Go-Getter”, “Enthusiastic Worker”, not self serving and you take pride in your community.
  3. Volunteering can help you get connected to your community and help you make friends. If you are new to an area you might volunteer near your home so that you learn more about the area and its inhabitants. When you volunteer for something you are passionate about, you are guaranteed to meet like minded people. Especially if you are new, for reasons listed in number 2, you may also meet local business owners and find your next new favorite hang out!
  4. When you volunteer you will also increase your physical wellbeing. When you volunteer most often, you are physically present and activating something of your body or mind. When we work our body and/or mind we support the feel good hormones of our bodies. If you are volunteering around animals you may also experience positive effects regarding trauma releasing and emotional stability.

Overall, there are too many benefits to express because each one will be personal to you. It is very important to find things that you can be passionate about so that you do not burn yourself out volunteering. Connect With Us Today so we can get you in touch with an organization that matches you!

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